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Wine Guide > White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel

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Historically an inexpensive jug wine, White Zinfandel is a quaffing wine that is sweet, soft, and low in alcohol, making it a popular choice with those who would not otherwise drink wine. The sugar content can make White Zinfandel taste almost like a fruit punch, although some examples have crisp acids and are balanced in their own way. White Zinfandel is typically manufactured for immediate consumption rather than for aging. These attributes frequently make White Zinfandel a target of ridicule among connoisseurs, despite its popularity.
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more about Barefoot® California White Zinfandel
Barefoot Cellars
CAW Rating: 97
6 reviews

Barefoot® California White Zinfandel

Barefoot White Zinfandel is a refreshing wine with tropical aromas of fresh pineapple and sweet citrus. Flavors of ripe strawberries and pears intensify the smooth, crisp finish. " ...moreThis wine is a wonderful accompaniment to sweet or spicy food."

more about White Zinfandel
Castoro Cellars
CAW Rating: 93
3 reviews

2005 White Zinfandel
Paso Robles

White Zinfandel has become one of the more popular wines today. Our White Zinfandel is made in a style that lends itself to being enjoyed with or without a meal. The wine's bouquet ...more is full of fruit characters, berries, cherry, and watermelon though not overly intense. The flavors are delicate and full of the Zinfandel fruit, all this is balanced with a slight bit of sweetness to make this off dry wine clean and brisk in the finish. Enjoy it now for any reason, sipping, picnicking, or with your favorite meals.

more about Coyote Creek White Zinfandel
Adler Fels
CAW Rating: 98
1 reviews

2006 Coyote Creek White Zinfandel
Coyote Creek California

Coyote Creek White Zinfandel is a refreshing wine with a hint of sweetness. Bright aromas of strawberry, cranberry and sweet honey lead to flavors of strawberry, peach and dried ch ...moreerries. These fruit characters are balanced with fresh acidity and a crisp finish.

R.H. Phillips
CAW Rating: 92
1 reviews

2006 Night Harvest by R.H. Phillips White Zinfandel
Dunnigan Hills

Lovely rose hue, fresh, floral aromas, and delicate watermelon and green apple flavors that balance a pleasing sweetness with crisp acidity.

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Top Rated White Zinfandel

2007 White Zinfandel
CAW Rating: 98
1 reviews
This 2007 release is a real crowd-pleaser with crisp, bright flavors and fresh fruit aromas including strawberry and cherry. Drier, with lower residual sugar than most blush wines, our White Zinfandel drinks like a quality rosé.

More White+Zinfandel Ratings
Combined Rating
1 reviews
2006 Coyote Creek White Zinfandel
Adler Fels

1 reviews
2006 Coyote Creek White Zinfandel
Adler Fels

1 reviews
2006 Night Harvest by R.H. Phillips White Zinfandel
R.H. Phillips

1 reviews
2006 Coyote Creek White Zinfandel
Adler Fels