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Wine Guide > Fanucchi Vineyards > Old Vine Zinfandel

more about Old Vine Zinfandel
Fanucchi Vineyards

2004 Old Vine Zinfandel
The Fanucchi Wood Road Vineyard, of Russian River

Latest Release

2004 Old Vine Zinfandel & 2005 Trousseau Gris Each Scored 99 Points from Just Wine Points AKA Wine-X

July 2008 Restaurant Wine; Ronn Wiegand:

"An excellent, medium rich, well balanced Old Vine bottling, that is full bodied and quite supple on the palate, with rich, complex flavors (baked cherry, plum, toast, oak), and a very long finish. Fine quality. [2008-2009]"

Rating: 100
While this is a big Zinfandel it keeps it's "Tuscan Style" by capturing plenty of fruit to make this a great dinner wine!
Pairs well with Grilled Salmon
Reviewed by: anonymous
Rating: 100
Pairs well with Lunc & Dinner
Reviewed by: anonymous
Rating: 100
Worth every penny! Make no mistake, this Old Vine Zinfandel is full-bodied but not over the top. It is great with red meat but balanced to pair well with lighter dishes Turkey & seafood should go well with it too!
Pairs well with Steak
Reviewed by: anonymous
Rating: 100
Wow this is a deep rich Zinfandel & it is balanced like traditional wine made to truly go WITH your meal! Priceless!
Pairs well with Dinner!
Reviewed by: anonymous
Rating: 100
Reviewed by: Fanucchi Vineyards
Rating: 100
I’ve been a Fanucchi fan for a few years now & his wines are consistently in my personal top 10. Right now I really like both the Fanucchi 2002 & the 2004 Old Vine Zinfandel but I think the 2002 is much closer to it’s prime while I think the 2004 may eventually be far superior I will be saving some 2004 & having more the 2002 in the coming months. This one is big but not over the top!
Pairs well with Hearty Meals!!!
Reviewed by: anonymous
Rating: 100
Tisi is Primo Vino! Had it @ the Carnelian Room overlooking all of San Francisco Bay & it was as superior as everything there!
Pairs well with Prime Rib
Reviewed by: anonymous

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